Gordy is currently a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA BBS license # 109805) in Berkeley, CA.

From 2015-2018 he worked as a Staff Therapist at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, a low-fee community mental health clinic specializing in long-term "psychodynamic" psychotherapy that has served the Bay Area since 1972. His primary clinical supervisor for three years was Whitney van Nouhuys, PhD (CA license # MFC 16677).

Through TPI's intensive training program, which included 10-15 hours of clinical supervision and training per week, he further developed his expertise in the treatment of moderate to severe anxiety, depressive and other common "disorders" in his work with adolescents, adults and couples representing a diverse range of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and gender/sexual backgrounds and identities.

Gordy prefers a flexible, collaborative approach. His work is informed in different ways by psychoanalysis; Gestalt, Existential/Humanistic and developmental psychologies; feminist/queer theory; and Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies; as well as more psycho-educational and behavioral frameworks. He views psychotherapy through a whole-person-in-social-context lens and strives to develop and maintain a vibrant, compassionate and curiosity-driven therapeutic alliance, expecting this relationship to evolve over time.

Please call 510-426-6048 for more information about psychotherapy services. You can also read more about me on Psychology Today.